Rose C. G. is a poet, writer, artist, and teacher. Her life’s journey has taken her from working in the grape fields of California to becoming the first in her family to receive a college education despite her learning disabilities. She earned a B.A. in Speech Pathology and an M. A. in Special Education.

As an instructor, she shared her passions for art and writing with the young minds in her classroom. As an indie author, she now combines her skills to create children's picture books, workbooks, and journal notebooks.

She lives on the west coast with her family and a menagerie of domestic family pets. When she is not writing, we can find her working in her garden, cooking, or painting in her studio.

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Rose C. G. is a poet, artist, storyteller, teacher and dreamer. Work is © Rose CG. (My posts may contain affiliate links, I may earn a commission.)